The Present is the Present

It has been quite some time since I last posted, however I felt obliged to write this after I was prompted by a conversation that I had today with somebody with regards this very subject; of actually being aware of the present moment, and viewing it as a present that is given to us.

Is it really a present?

Actually it is, the present moment is is a time when you really feel peace and calmness. I mean when you really live in the present moment and you are fully aware of your surroundings though using your senses fully, the objects you are touching, the sounds that you can hear, the colours that you can see, the aromas that you can smell and indeed the taste that you have in your mouth, this is actually your default setting, where there is total peace of mind.

Stress and anxiety starts when you start to think about the future too much, what may happen as a result of this situation or that situation, what if he or she does this or that etc. The funny thing is that 99% of the time it doesn’t happen as you expected and all that negative energy has been created for nothing causing you nothing but unnecessary discomfort.

I am not saying that you don’t have to plan or think about future events, of course you do, however what I am suggesting is that it is better deal with it in the present moment with your focus and attention on the task at hand to provide an outcome, and that indeed staying in the present moment to do so will be far more productive than unnecessary fretting or worrying.

Depression and negative thinking is greatly influenced by living in the past too much, thinking about negative past events, or how things used to be so good before and then comparing them to life now. This again brings unnecessary suffering for the individual, there really is no benefit to putting oneself through this, when one recognises this behaviour, they should bring themselves back to the present moment by becoming aware of their senses, therefore inviting peace and calmness back into their lives.

There is good news however, the great thing is is that you can bring yourself back to this sense of peace and calmness any time you wish; by simply selecting your mind-set to so, by becoming fully aware of all your senses and what is going on in the environment around you. This will bring you back to your default setting, a setting where you’re not thinking about past events or what the future may have in store for you, you will be actually living in the present moment.

If anyone would like any advice or help in achieving this mind-set; or if one would like to discuss it further; please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards


Perfect Day

Yesterday I had the good fortune to have a serendipitous meeting whilst on a long journey with somebody whom I had met for the first time.

We discussed many things of great interest and fascination to us both, our topics to name a few included the subconscious mind, the conscious mind, indirect language, the power and effects of thought, the vibrational effects produced by thought, how to select mindset, self hypnosis, autosuggestion, soul searching & actually going out and doing good things for other people.

I personally found this person to be extremely inspiring upon learning about how passionate they were about understanding themselves, their own self development and the tremendous work that they had done to help other people who are less fortunate.

It is a conversation that I will remember for a long time and reinforces just how important it is to communicate, share knowledge and always try to help other people where possible.

Thank you for the serendipity.


Kind regards


Positive from a Negative

Due to the recent global changes that have occurred with the effects of the covid 19 virus, many; if not most people have had their world’s turned upside down in one way or another, maybe through loss of employment, not being able to see their loved ones or in extremely unfortunate and terribly sad circumstances; loss of a loved one.

This has had a significant psychological effect throughout the entire population of the planet, with many people feeling insecure, loosing their sense of stability and reacting in a way in which they normally wouldn’t.

The one consistent positive that I have personally witnessed and seen throughout, is a sense of community which hasn’t been evident for many years.

Other people that I have had conversation with also state the same thing, they are saying that they have spoken to neighbours who they haven’t spoken to for years, or haven’t ever spoken to them at all, yet now there seems to be a sense of appreciation and caring for others.

It is something we need to continue with going forward, we should all be looking after each other and taking the time for other people, especially in these testing times, I believe that we will come through the other side with a strong sense of gratitude and appreciation for others.

If anyone has any thoughts, questions or simply just wants to have a chat about their well being, please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or email and we could arrange to chat through video link as I am currently holding my hypnotherapy sessions remotely through the zoom platform.

Take care.


Kind regards



Sharing Positivity With Others

After having a discussion today with a group of really interesting people whom I had met for the first time; an opportunity presented itself.

We were discussing psychology, how the mind works and the meaning of life etc and was inspired and fascinated by their drive and motivation towards life.

It also gave me an opportunity to share my thoughts on mindset and to really share the positivity and just how much you can influence your life and those around you with your thought process.

Positivity and helping others releases oxytocin within your body and helps you to feel good and have a really good sense of well being, don’t underestimate just how powerful this is.

The next time that you have an opportunity to share positivity and help others; make the most of it and promote positivity all around you, your family and friends will be thankful.


Kind regards


Time For A Change

This is a question that we need to ask ourselves from time to time.

Is it time to start that new career, sign up to that new course, begin a new fitness routine etc.

This can also apply to behaviours, habits and ways of thinking.

It’s a good idea to take time for reflection & write down your own personal goals, assess what you want from life & ask yourself if you are on the right path.

If you do find that your happy with the direction that your going in then that’s a great place to be in. However  if you find that your not fulfilling your  desires & wishes; then make that change to enable you to do so.

Use the power of your mind to help you to achieve your goals, develop your skills & bring about the changes that you desire, allowing you to reach your full potential & improve the quality of your life.

We all of the power inside of us to do this, it’s just making the choice to so & carrying it out, there is unlimited information available to us on the internet on how to change your mindset, if you cannot find what your looking for or would like more advice,  please feel free to contact me either by phone or email & I will be more than happy to help you with your pursuit.

Kind regards



Phobias can come in many different forms, some are mild & don’t cause much concern, however many can be really debilitating & have real serious consequences for the sufferer.

This can have a significant effect on someone’s life & may result in them missing out on social events or not even choosing their desired career path, for example if someone has a phobia with public speaking; this may stop them speaking in meetings or delivering presentations.

The phobia is embedded within the subconscious mind, usually from a learned behaviour or traumatic incident & will come to the forefront when the trigger for the phobia presents itself.

Hypnosis is a great way to access the subconscious mind & remove the old emotion associated with the phobia & create a new pathway, therefore creating a new positive outcome.

This therefore means that when the sufferer now faces the previous trigger for the phobia, it simply doesn’t have any effect any more & that the person can now move on with their life, without the effects from the previous debilitating phobia.

If anyone wishes to find out more information with regards to removing phobias, please feel free to contact me on 0113 2260806.

Kind regards


Let Go Of Anxiety

Many people feel the negative  effects of anxiety, these can be feelings of being overwhelmed, lethargic, pessimistic & unable to think clearly to name but a few.

You need to become aware & recognise when you feel like this, take a step back, acknowledge this feeling then carry out the following technique to clear the anxiety.

I’ve named this technique the clear sphere technique & here’s how you can use it.

Simply find somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed for 5 mins & do the following:-

  • sit or lay down
  • close your eyes
  • become aware of your breathing
  • as you breath in & out gently, just allow your whole body to relax
  • now imagine a clear sphere, notice it’s size & texture
  • now using your imagination, start putting all the tension & stress into this sphere
  • become aware of the change within the sphere as the anxiety goes inside it
  • continue with this until all the anxiety is contained within the sphere
  • now take a really deep breath & simply blow the sphere into the distance, continue blowing until it disappears from sight
  • open your eyes when your ready

You should now feel much calmer & think clearer, you have allowed yourself to take the anxiety out of your mind & body using this very simple but powerful technique.

You can use this every day if you wish to keep yourself in a calm & balanced mindframe.


Kind regards


Switch It To A Positive

Every day we have a multitude of opportunities where we can turn negative situations to positive ones.

All experiences are useful, we can learn something from everything & I do mean everything!!

For example; if you performing a task or process at work & you make a mistake, use that situation as a learning opportunity, review what went wrong & what you need to learn in order to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

If someone frustrates you to the point where you feel yourself becoming really agitated, again use this as a learning opportunity, recognise how you feel, understand that it is you yourself who has allowed yourself to be agitated & not the perceived agitator.

Really embrace the following fact:-

The quality of your thoughts controls the quality of your life, in other words, if you look for the positive in every situation, you will always be in a positive mind frame, therefore your perception of the world around you will be one of quality, calmness & well being.

The best part of this is that it rubs off & you will also effect other people around you in a positive way.

Remember to turn every negative situation into a positive one & enrich the quality of your’s & other peoples lives who are around you.


Kind regards



Attitude Is Everything

As the title says, attitude really is everything.

When one takes a positive attitude towards life & the events that occur & unfold within it then  we feel so much better about ourselves.

We also influence those people around, creating a positive atmosphere helps others to feel good too.

How do you create a positive attitude?

Simply make the decision to do so, choose to have a great attitude, choose to have a great day & do you know what – you will!!

Start the day by finding somewhere comfortable to sit, close your eyes, clear your mind, then say to yourself slowly 20 times in your mind:-

“Today I choose to have an attitude of positivity & success”

As you say this within your mind, really feel the positivity & success empowering your entire being.  If you do every day, the quality of your life & those around you will improve dramatically; you will then understand that attitude really is everything.


Kind regards


The World Is So Busy

These were the words used by my wife this afternoon when we were discussing just how busy people seem to be these days.

We were just sat having a meal, generally soaking up the ambience & observing our current surroundings.

As I was doing so I  became aware of the other people sat having a meal with their families & friends, however; I also noticed that several of these were also on their phones speaking to someone else, texting, checking social media etc.

Basically these people were so busy on their devices, that they became distant from the people who they were actually sat with, in other words their minds were somewhere else; even though their bodies were with the present people.

Most of us are guilty of this, myself included, that is until I acknowledge what I am doing, then I put the device down & spend the time relaxing & socialising with others.

We have so many things going on that we make ourselves so busy all the time!!

The irony is that this is all self inflicted, we create all this stress ourselves, we condition ourselves to live this lifestyle & continue with these habits.

You may notice how many people talk to you & express how stressed they feel in their lives, the above words describe one way that may be causing many of you to feel stressed in your life, just taking action with the above may help many of you.

If anyone feels that that they may need help with any of the above, please feel free to contact me.

Look after yourselves.

Best regards