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6 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I went to see Chris as a last resort to lose weight as I had tried many diets in the past , I was quite nervous , but was put at ease by Chris who explained everything to me in detail , the hypnotherapy was very relaxing, and i felt great afterwards , I then went on to lose half a stone in my first 3 weeks which i was very pleased with, Chris is a very professional hypnotherapist , who genuinely wants to help you , I would highly recommend Grange Hypnotherapy Practice .


  2. I went to see chris when I was suffering from anxieties and depression. I had tried other options and nothing worked. But this all changed after visiting chris. After a few sessions I felt more positive and confident In myself. Some of techniques he showed me to relax I still use now. Chris Is very professional and meticulous in his methods and would highly recommend him to anyone.


  3. I had a Past Life Regression session with Chris. I had a fear of water, whether it be the ocean or swimming pools! My fear became almost debilitating especially when I went away on holiday. I contacted Chris in the hope he would be able to hypnotise me to alleviate my fear but having spoke with Chris he advised that we do a regression session. The session brought my fear to the forefront – as a result of this very interesting session my fear of water has gone completely!! I was astounded! I am eternally grateful to Chris. He is extremely professional, very calm and puts you at ease immediately. I would definitely recommend Chris to anyone who would benefit from this therapy.


  4. AL
    I went to see Chris after being recommended by a friend. I was suffering from anxiety after changing roles at work to a higher position.
    Juggling work and general life was getting to much for me.
    I was nervous about going to see Chris but he soon put me at ease and explained everything about the sessions in a way that made me feel completely comfortable.
    I really enjoyed my sessions with Chris and always left feeling a weight had been lifted…. moving forwards I can honestly say his work has changed my outlook on dealing with stressful situations and I’m much more in control. I’m enjoying work and life again and feeling much more like my old self, an improved version…
    Thanks again Chris.


  5. I decided to go to Chris after lots of tried and failed attempts at sticking with various diets and healthy eating plans. My lack of self control and will power always let me down.
    I heard about hypnotherapy but was very sceptical it could work for weight loss.
    Chris was very thorough in explaining what would happen and I immediately felt at ease with him. The session was deeply relaxing and calming. He also taught me techniques to use myself.
    Since visiting Chris I can honestly say I feel great. I feel in control of myself and I have consciously been making better decisions food wise. I have more drive and determination to achieve my weight loss goal and have noticed I have more energy which has also had a positive effect in other areas of my life.
    I highly recommend Chris and cant thank him enough.


  6. I took both my daughters to Chris to help cure their fear of dogs. It was fascinating to watch him take them through the process. He was great with kids, very calming and made them feel at ease.


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