Habits and Addictions

Many people think that habits and addictions are the same thing or that they are very similar, there is however a significant difference between the two.

A habit is started by a person making a choice, thinking about wanting to do a certain thing, then repeating this choice again & again until it starts to become automatic or an “habit”.

Habits can be both positive and negative and may become frustrating, nonetheless they usually aren’t destructive though to the person.

Habits can take many forms and cover a multitude of different areas, some of the most common ones are:-

Biting fingernails or lips

Grinding teeth


Checking phone or social media constantly

Eating late at night

Excessive shopping

Not eating breakfast

Avoiding eye contact

Playing with hair

Cracking joints

The list goes on………

The main different between an habit and an addiction is that to a certain degree, a person has control of their habit and with some serious willpower, they are able to control it.

However with an addiction, the addiction has control of them, and this can have a destructive effect on the person who has the addiction. People become dependent on their addiction and trying to stop it can have detrimental withdrawal symptoms to the individual.

Addictions also tend to be more frequent than habits and can have a much more significant effect within the individual’s normal daily life. Additionally addictions usually build up a tolerance level; meaning that the person who has the addiction usually has to do more of that particular behavior to have the same desired effect.

The main difference with an addiction however is that it is extremely difficult to break or resolve without professional help or an incredible amount of willpower and focus.

An addiction can be an extreme form of any habit, even like some of the ones listed above, to:-




Internet use



Excessive spending

Social media


This is just a few examples, however list is endless.

Hypnosis is an incredibly effective way to treat both Habits and addictions and has been proven to be extremely successful in the past.

I have worked with many clients over the years to help them to overcome both habits and addictions and to create a new life habit and addiction free, helping them to focus on the things that’s important to them in their life and focus on their own personal goals and desires.