Weight Control

There are various methods available of using hypnosis to help to control & manage weight loss, a really popular and effective one that I personally use at the present time is the virtual gastric band; which has delivered outstanding results.

I do however use a more traditional method if the client so desires; to help to control weight loss, and have personally used this method for many years whilst working with many people on a weight control program.

In this method I use a combination of both analytical hypnotherapy and suggestion hypnotherapy to help my clients to control and manage their weight effectively and achieve their target weight and sustain the weight that they desire. This approach is very effective in helping people to either loose weight or to gain weight if they so desire.

Many people feel guilty after trying various diets and failing, each time feeling worse and convincing themselves even more that they haven’t got the discipline to stick to it. This is actually called the compounding effect, it is like a vicious circle which just continues to grow and become stronger each time another failure is achieved. This can bring about more feelings of guilt and often results in a downward spiral of failure.

Through using hypnosis; I work with my clients to remove these feelings of failure or guilt and produce a new positive blueprint. This new blueprint has discipline, focus, drive, motivation, determination, producing a new positive outlook which ensures that my clients have the ability to manage and maintain their desired weight, focus on their fitness goal, bring about a strong sense of well being, and do all of this under their own stream.

The number of sessions this takes depends on the individual and their personal circumstances, their weight, goals, desires etc, this can be anything from as little as two sessions to possibly up to eight.