Let Go Of Anxiety

Many people feel the negative  effects of anxiety, these can be feelings of being overwhelmed, lethargic, pessimistic & unable to think clearly to name but a few.

You need to become aware & recognise when you feel like this, take a step back, acknowledge this feeling then carry out the following technique to clear the anxiety.

I’ve named this technique the clear sphere technique & here’s how you can use it.

Simply find somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed for 5 mins & do the following:-

  • sit or lay down
  • close your eyes
  • become aware of your breathing
  • as you breath in & out gently, just allow your whole body to relax
  • now imagine a clear sphere, notice it’s size & texture
  • now using your imagination, start putting all the tension & stress into this sphere
  • become aware of the change within the sphere as the anxiety goes inside it
  • continue with this until all the anxiety is contained within the sphere
  • now take a really deep breath & simply blow the sphere into the distance, continue blowing until it disappears from sight
  • open your eyes when your ready

You should now feel much calmer & think clearer, you have allowed yourself to take the anxiety out of your mind & body using this very simple but powerful technique.

You can use this every day if you wish to keep yourself in a calm & balanced mindframe.


Kind regards


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