Positive from a Negative

Due to the recent global changes that have occurred with the effects of the covid 19 virus, many; if not most people have had their world’s turned upside down in one way or another, maybe through loss of employment, not being able to see their loved ones or in extremely unfortunate and terribly sad circumstances; loss of a loved one.

This has had a significant psychological effect throughout the entire population of the planet, with many people feeling insecure, loosing their sense of stability and reacting in a way in which they normally wouldn’t.

The one consistent positive that I have personally witnessed and seen throughout, is a sense of community which hasn’t been evident for many years.

Other people that I have had conversation with also state the same thing, they are saying that they have spoken to neighbours who they haven’t spoken to for years, or haven’t ever spoken to them at all, yet now there seems to be a sense of appreciation and caring for others.

It is something we need to continue with going forward, we should all be looking after each other and taking the time for other people, especially in these testing times, I believe that we will come through the other side with a strong sense of gratitude and appreciation for others.

If anyone has any thoughts, questions or simply just wants to have a chat about their well being, please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or email and we could arrange to chat through video link as I am currently holding my hypnotherapy sessions remotely through the zoom platform.

Take care.


Kind regards



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