PLRT – Past Life Regression Therapy

I initially completed my training in Past Life Regression Therapy back in 1999 with Steve Burgess, I consider myself very fortunate to have had one of the country’s leading past life regression therapists trainer’s teaching me right from the start.

I quickly found one of my niches in this fascinating subject and was very busy right from the start and continue to the present day, performing both past life regressions and carrying out past life regression therapy to help my clients.

Past life regression is using hypnosis to take the client back using their sub-conscious mind to access a previous life or indeed previous lives. Once in trance the client can then explore the selected life or indeed lives depending on what has been brought forward by the sub-conscious mind. Whilst exploring the life, I encourage the client to bring forward dates, times, names, events etc. The session is recorded so that my client is then able to check out the information and details and come to their own conclusion.

Over the years some of the information which has been gathered and brought forward through these sessions is quite astounding, especially when checked against family trees and historical records.

Past life regression therapy is a means of exploring past lives and using this information to discover if there is any significance with any problems or issues in the present time. It is basically using; working with and understanding the events that have taken place in the previous lives, then applying this newly gained knowledge to heal and resolve the obstacles or issues in the present time.

Whenever I am asked about whether past lives exist or not, I explain the three main theories on this subject:

1 Reincarnation – This is what many people believe in and it is wonderful to think that we have lived before and continue living after our physical passing. There is considerable evidence to support this when names, dates, times and events have been checked against historical records.

2) Genetic Inherited Memories – This is where DNA containing memories is passed down from our grandparents through to our parents and then ultimately to ourselves. This could account for knowledge and information gained through trance, which we previously had no account of.

3) Imagination – This theory is that when we are in trance, that we quite simply just make it up as we go along. This is a possibility, however there is substantial evidence to support the other theories described above.

The truth is that we will never know which theory is correct until our time comes. All we can do is look at the evidence gained and provided by the regressions carried out, analyse the different theories, look at the evidence provided and make up our own mind and come to our own conclusions.