Quit smoking

Hypnosis has had fabulous success over the years in helping people to stop smoking and break this addictive habit.

Indeed many people have tried to stop under their own will power, some have been successful, however there are many others who have been ineffective and unsuccessful in this approach.

Many people now turn to vaping instead, however the problem with this is that they are still left with the constant habit of vaping, also nobody really knows what the long term effects of vaping are on the body.

It is far better to stop smoking altogether, without having the need for a substitute, a habit to maintain and something to do with ones hands.

This is where hypnotherapy has the upper hand, as when I work with my clients for stopping smoking, not only does the need for a habit get resolved, but also the need for what to do with ones hands.

I also create a mechanism within the sub-conscious mind to automatically relax the now non smoker for when they are faced with a stressful situation, as previously they may have gone straight for their cigarettes; they simply don’t have the need now.

I also deal with the issue of not wanting to eat more to replace the wanting a cigarette, to prevent them gaining weight.

My smoking therapy consists of a one off ninety minute session, a free back up session is included if required, however this is very rarely taken as it usually isn’t needed.