Law of attraction


The Law of attraction is a concept which is currently being spoken about often at present times, although it has been around for many years. It is growing rapidly as people develop their knowledge and understanding and discover the benefit that it has to offer them and the way in which it can influence positive change within their life.

The whole foundation of the Law of attraction is based upon the vibrations or vibes generated by the human biology. Everything in this world vibrates if you look closely enough, even the toughest steel and hardened concrete vibrates if looked at through an electron microscope.

The same applies to thoughts, thoughts create emotional vibrations and specific thoughts vibrate at a distinctive frequency. This is where it gets really interesting once this knowledge is understood, in essence, thoughts generate and influence actions.

Have you ever wondered as to why for some people, things just seem to drop in right for them, and yet for others life appears to be much more a struggle.

For the people who think positive and have a genuine positive expectancy, the appropriate people and events will just seem to show up and present themselves as they are needed, to provide a positive outcome as desired and expected, their vibrations are tuned towards positivity and optimism.

Now looking at the opposite of this, the person who has a negative outlook and expectancy and who genuinely doesn’t think that anything positive will happen for them will get exactly what they wish for. On top of this when the inevitable happens, usually they enjoy declaring that they knew something would go wrong. However if something goes well for this person, then they will be expecting something bad to happen and will be attuned to looking for something to verify this.

The great thing about knowing and understanding this is that as human beings we have an ability to reflect, assess, identify and make the changes that we desire. The human mind is the most incredible and powerful tool available, one that enables us to take control of our lives.

Developing a positive and optimistic mind-set is essential, the quality of your thoughts really do affect the quality of your life. Learn to focus on the things that  you want, not the things that you don’t want. Focus on what you want to create in your life, attract like minded people to you with the same vibrational frequency, creating good vibrations and influencing positive change around you.

This is where hypnosis can have a really powerful effect, using the tremendous power of the sub-conscious mind to clear out old negative ways of thinking, then create new focussed and successful thought patterns, creating positive vibrations to instill confidence, motivation and implement positive change within ones life.