Stress Management

In modern day culture the pace of life is so fast, everywhere you look there are deadlines to meet, targets to deliver, peer pressure to be an achiever. With all this pressure around us comes something that we call Stress.

Stress can creep up on you slowly without you even realising it, and may affect you in a number of different ways. Recent research has shown that 90% of illnesses are related to stress in one way or another. Learn how to manage stress effectively, be in control, be successful, however most importantly; improve your well being and the quality of your life.

Stress affects people in so many different ways. Many physical problems and ailments are actually psychosomatic in origin. Many joint problems, back pains, chest complaints, flu and cold symptoms, constant infections etc are psychosomatic in origin. In layman’s terms; this suggests that the root cause many physical problems; possibly as high as 90% are actually psychosomatic in nature and therefore problems of the mind.

If you re-read the above paragraph and fully comprehend it, you will realise that stress can play a major part in many illnesses, ailments and play a negative part in ones life. If you think about the people that you know or may have known for years who are always stressed, anxious or negative in general, then you will notice that many of these people are the ones who always seem to have some form of ailment, cold or general poor health. This is not a coincidence, this is the effect in which stress can have upon the body and demonstrates how stress affects so many people.

I use a combination of both analytical hypnotherapy and suggestion hypnotherapy to help my clients to remove stress and anxiety from within. I then help them to re-train their thought process, change their perception and outlook, then help them to manage their stress effectively and ultimately improve the quality of their life and their feeling of well being.

The number of sessions this takes varies upon the individual, what their personal issues or circumstances are and the severity of the stress levels they are currently encountering. Usually however this takes anything from one to six sessions to have the individual stress free and able to manage their stress levels, their perception of events, their outlook and ultimately the quality of their life effectively.