The World Is So Busy

These were the words used by my wife this afternoon when we were discussing just how busy people seem to be these days.

We were just sat having a meal, generally soaking up the ambience & observing our current surroundings.

As I was doing so I  became aware of the other people sat having a meal with their families & friends, however; I also noticed that several of these were also on their phones speaking to someone else, texting, checking social media etc.

Basically these people were so busy on their devices, that they became distant from the people who they were actually sat with, in other words their minds were somewhere else; even though their bodies were with the present people.

Most of us are guilty of this, myself included, that is until I acknowledge what I am doing, then I put the device down & spend the time relaxing & socialising with others.

We have so many things going on that we make ourselves so busy all the time!!

The irony is that this is all self inflicted, we create all this stress ourselves, we condition ourselves to live this lifestyle & continue with these habits.

You may notice how many people talk to you & express how stressed they feel in their lives, the above words describe one way that may be causing many of you to feel stressed in your life, just taking action with the above may help many of you.

If anyone feels that that they may need help with any of the above, please feel free to contact me.

Look after yourselves.

Best regards


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