Phobias, Anxiety States, Panic Attacks

Hypnosis is a very effective way to remove phobias, prevent anxiety states and to stop panic attacks on a permanent basis.

Many phobias, anxiety states and indeed panic attacks are triggered or learned when we are much younger or when we are in an emotional state of mind. These initial emotional traumas are then ingrained into the sub-conscious mind, much like information is placed or stored on a computer hard drive.

Through using analytical hypnosis and entering the sub-conscious mind; these emotional events may be accessed and then re-framed to provide a positive outcome or solution, ultimately removing the emotional trauma associated with it and removing the phobia, anxiety state or eliminating the panic attack completely.

I use various techniques to treat phobias, anxiety states or panic attacks. I often use analytical hypnotherapy or ideo dynamic therapy which both work directly with the sub-conscious mind. I also use re-framing techniques or suggestion hypnotherapy, however the actual technique or combination of techniques I use depends greatly upon the client themselves and indeed the severity of personal nature of the problem or issue.

There is no such thing as a one method fits all, everybody is individual and has their own personal traits, qualities and character. It is through my many years of experience of working with hundreds of clients and working with hypnosis that I am able to identify which is the best method to help each individual, usually it takes anything from one to two sessions or at times maybe up to six sessions to permanently remove a phobia, stop panic attacks or eliminate anxiety states.