Switch It To A Positive

Every day we have a multitude of opportunities where we can turn negative situations to positive ones.

All experiences are useful, we can learn something from everything & I do mean everything!!

For example; if you performing a task or process at work & you make a mistake, use that situation as a learning opportunity, review what went wrong & what you need to learn in order to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

If someone frustrates you to the point where you feel yourself becoming really agitated, again use this as a learning opportunity, recognise how you feel, understand that it is you yourself who has allowed yourself to be agitated & not the perceived agitator.

Really embrace the following fact:-

The quality of your thoughts controls the quality of your life, in other words, if you look for the positive in every situation, you will always be in a positive mind frame, therefore your perception of the world around you will be one of quality, calmness & well being.

The best part of this is that it rubs off & you will also effect other people around you in a positive way.

Remember to turn every negative situation into a positive one & enrich the quality of your’s & other peoples lives who are around you.


Kind regards



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