Business Performance

The successful implementation of hypnosis can have a significant and powerful effect on all aspects within the business world. I perform one to one sessions to help to coach an individual to reach their potential as well as working with teams of people within a corporate setting.

The areas I cover are diverse, ranging from :-

Sales Performance

  • Increasing the confidence and self belief of the salesperson to close the sale effectively
  • Ability to display enthusiasm and positivity when liasing with the customer
  • Having the confidence and skills to build rapport quickly and effectively with others
  • Improved performance and success of sales team through releasing power within the sub-conscious mind

Stress Management

  • Ability to remain calm and focussed whilst working towards deadlines and targets
  • Learn to manage own perceptions and maintain a positive and successful outlook
  • Remain balanced and centered whilst maintaining a strong sense of well-being
  • Ensure company absence is reduced and minimised by maintaining a healthy workforce

Business Focus

  • Unleash the power within the sub-conscious mind to deliver laser like focus and determination
  • Develop the ability to identify and act on trading opportunities quickly and effectively
  • Learn to focus on targets and deadlines calmly and effectively using your unconscious business mind
  • Improve drive and motivation to deliver performance and attain achievement on a consistent basis

Creative Thinking

  • Learn to use your imagination for  successful results from deep within
  • Use the power from all past experiences to turn them into new ideas
  • Identify new ideas and opportunities effortlessly to promote effective results
  • Unlock the power of your sub-conscious mind to unleash your creativity for maximum potential