Put It Forward

If you want to create a positive environment around you, then start to “put it forward”.

What do I mean by “​put it forward”?

I mean put the positive energy forward, then positive things will start to happen.

How do you feel when you do a good deed for someone?

You feel good I hope!!

Knowing that you have done something good to help someone else actually releases a chemical within your body called oxytocin, this chemical is released by carrying out acts of human kindness and gives you a strong sense of well being.

The recipient of the good deed also feels good and appreciates this act of kindness.

This is where it gets good; because the recipient also has a release of oxytocin, feeling compelled to do the same for someone else; another act of kindness, in other words, to “put it forward”.

This generates a positive outcome and creates a snowball effect onto others; producing a feeling of happiness and well being with a desire to help others.

Now this doesn’t have to be anything major, it can be as simple as helping an elderly person across the road, taking the time to train somebody at work, or even just paying someone a genuine compliment.

So the next time that you think that you may have an opportunity to “put it forward”, just try it, and notice the effects on yourself and others.


Kindest regards


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